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Hi, I’m Steph.

There have been a few big choose yourself moments in my life so far.

One of them happened in 2010 when, after a string of temporary and soul-sucking jobs, I decided to start my own creative business. Nothing was more thrilling than being my own boss where I could do the work I was truly passionate about! Write my blog! Design my website! Make my own hours!

I was a writer and a coach who wanted to write and coach all day. I didn’t get it. When you’re a one-woman show running business by yourself, you do what you love about 10% of the time, and the rest of the time you are planning sales funnels and Googling HTML code for your website and trying to stay abreast of the tax laws while, actually, not writing at all, it turns out.

So after eight years and a particularly intense period of burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm, the next big choose yourself moment was inventing new work for myself in a more traditional “M-F, paychecks-on-Friday” fashion so I could write my heart out, saying the things I’ve always wanted to say. This blog was born. I hope my words find you where you live.

Pilot light to pilot light,


Things I



What I’m doing, where I’m going, my latest personal projects. But mostly what life is like for a chick with three grown kids, a full-time job, living in Southern California, tryin to do the damn thing.


Oh the memories! Of cross-country moves, bad break-ups, bartending to pay the rent while starting a new business, beautiful friendships, New York City, being a mother to my three kids (and myself), finding a beautiful neighborhood to live in, paying off debt, running again, making unconventional choices that afford me the most amount of personal power (hooray!), and coming into my own.

03. HOW TO

I love lists. Like, “How to Sell Everything and Start Over Without Crying in the Gutter of Your New Apartment.” Oh, also — How to Read a Book a Week, How to Get Over a Toxic Relationship, How to Organize Yourself on Sundays, How to Roller Skate Without Breaking Your Ass, and 10 Ways to Stop Giving a Shit About What Everyone Thinks and Live Your Life.


I’m sharing my book mail and latest reads with you. I read about 4-7 books a month and love to give book recommendations and reviews! Let’s nerd out together.


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