Seismologist of Emotional Earthquakes

I have been thinking a lot about the beautiful human lighthouses we have in this world. One of those is seismologist, Dr. Lucy Jones. She has inspired me SO MUCH you guys. Watching her showed me the template to follow for my own work … work and expertise that has been languishing on a drifting and unlit sea until I spotted a lighthouse in her.

Did you see her on every news channel after the CA earthquakes? She was poised, super knowledgeable, and no-nonsense. While we’re all bracing ourselves in the doorway, clutching our pets to our chest wondering iS tHis thE BiG onE?!? Dr. Lucy Jones was calmly reading the magnitude ticker tape at the Caltech Seismolab getting ready to break it all down for us on the news.

She serves with her knowledge and her very, very specific area of expertise: seismology. She doesn’t have the commercial starlight of Beyonce or JLo or Oprah (who I love and admire, don’t get me wrong) - but is a powerful, helpful human because of her many years of study and specialization in geology, which I’m assuming includes mostly studying, researching, reporting, and teaching with almost zero percent time in front of a camera BUT THEN, WHEN IT COUNTS, stands in front of a camera for hours to convey facts and calm the people, non-plussed.

LJo is my JLo.

I’m not a seismologist but I am a strategist. I know how to help people get the D batteries back in the flashlight, flip that sucker on, and navigate out of the cave. I want to be the Lucy Jones of emotional earthquakes.I picked this photo because it reminds me of the coral climbing roses that seemed to appear everywhere one auspicious summer many, many years ago when my life bloomed unexpectedly. I still remember how those roses scented the air and how I felt knowing my whole life was in front of me and how I wanted to pick out a beautiful sundress for the occasion, but instead I got in the car with the clothes I had on and I just….went.

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